12 Fashion & Beauty Trends Carrie Bradshaw Pioneered

Carrie Bradshaw, the fashion-forward protagonist of the hit TV show “Sex and the City,” captured the hearts of millions with her bold, eclectic, and daring sense of style. Played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie Bradshaw is not just a fictional character; she is a cultural icon who revolutionized the fashion and beauty industry. This article dives deep into the 12 fashion and beauty trends that Carrie Bradshaw pioneered, shaping the way we perceive fashion and beauty today.

12 Fashion & Beauty Trends Carrie Bradshaw Pioneered

Manolo Blahnik Obsession:

Carrie Bradshaw’s love affair with Manolo Blahnik shoes was evident throughout the series. Her collection of these luxurious, high-heeled shoes became a symbol of her impeccable taste and devotion to fashion.

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Carrie Bradshaw once famously said, “I like my money where I can see it—hanging in my closet.” Her obsession with Manolo Blahnik heels not only sparked a global interest in luxury footwear but also established these shoes as a must-have accessory for every fashion-conscious individual.

Nameplate Necklaces and Personalization:

Another trend Carrie popularized was the resurgence of nameplate necklaces and personalized jewelry. She often wore necklaces featuring her name, embracing individuality and personal style.

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Carrie Bradshaw showed the world that fashion is an expression of one’s identity. Nameplate necklaces became a symbol of empowerment and self-expression, leading to their widespread popularity.

Mixing High and Low Fashion:

Carrie had a unique ability to mix high-end designer pieces with affordable, trendy items. Her knack for blending high and low fashion redefined the concept of style, inspiring a generation of fashionistas to experiment fearlessly.

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Carrie Bradshaw proved that fashion is not confined by price tags. Her distinctive style taught us that fashion is about individuality, creativity, and the freedom to curate our own looks without being bound by conventions.

Tulle Skirts and Tutus:

Carrie Bradshaw’s love for tulle skirts and tutus showcased her whimsical side and love for playful fashion. Her tutu ensemble in the show’s opening sequence became iconic and paved the way for tulle’s comeback in modern fashion.

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Thanks to Carrie, tulle skirts and tutus became an acceptable statement piece beyond the ballet stage. From red carpets to street style, these voluminous skirts found their way into the wardrobes of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Bold Statement Accessories:

Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits were never complete without eye-catching accessories. From oversized flower brooches to extravagant belts, she made bold statements through her choice of accessories.

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Carrie’s fearless approach to accessorizing inspired others to experiment with standout pieces, turning accessories into conversation starters and allowing fashion lovers to express their personalities.

Slip Dresses as Outerwear:

The trend of wearing slip dresses as outerwear can be attributed to Carrie Bradshaw’s fearless fashion sense. She effortlessly pulled off this trend, layering delicate slips over shirts or under jackets.

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Carrie’s innovative way of wearing slip dresses showed that lingerie-inspired clothing could be chic and sophisticated, leading to a surge in slip dress popularity.

Body Positivity and Crop Tops:

Long before body positivity became a widespread movement, Carrie Bradshaw embraced her body and confidently sported crop tops, encouraging others to love and celebrate their own bodies.

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Carrie’s fearless attitude towards her body set a powerful example for body positivity. Her crop top ensembles demonstrated that fashion is for everyone, regardless of body size or shape.

Designer Bags as Status Symbols:

Carrie’s love for designer handbags, particularly her obsession with the Fendi Baguette, highlighted the allure of luxury accessories as status symbols.

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The Fendi Baguette, featured prominently in the show, became a coveted accessory, and Carrie’s passion for designer bags cemented them as must-have items for fashion enthusiasts.

Daring Necklines and Decolletage:

Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t afraid to show some skin with daring necklines and low-cut dresses. Her confidence in baring her decolletage inspired a trend of plunging necklines and V-shaped tops.

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Carrie’s fearless embrace of daring necklines encouraged others to feel empowered and liberated in their fashion choices, proving that modesty is not always a necessity.

The Ballerina Bun:

The chic and elegant ballerina bun became a go-to hairstyle for many, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw’s effortless yet polished appearance.

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The ballerina bun’s rise to popularity can be traced back to Carrie’s signature look, a testament to the lasting impact of her style choices.

Animal Prints and Fashion-forward Prints:

Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t afraid to experiment with bold prints, including animal prints and fashion-forward patterns. Her fearless approach to mixing and matching patterns revolutionized fashion choices.

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Carrie’s ability to effortlessly rock unconventional prints influenced the fashion world, paving the way for more adventurous and bold pattern choices.

Layering and Textured Fashion:

Carrie’s mastery of layering and textured outfits showcased her creativity and ability to turn simple garments into captivating ensembles.

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Carrie Bradshaw’s approach to layering demonstrated that fashion is an art, allowing individuals to create unique and visually stunning looks by combining different textures and fabrics.


Carrie Bradshaw’s impact on fashion and beauty is immeasurable. Her fearless approach to style choices, whether it was wearing Manolo Blahnik heels or confidently sporting crop tops, continues to resonate with fashion enthusiasts worldwide. From her signature ballerina bun to her love for personalized jewelry, the 12 fashion and beauty trends Carrie Bradshaw pioneered remain influential and timeless. As we celebrate her sartorial legacy, let’s remember that fashion is an art of self-expression, just like Carrie Bradshaw exemplified.

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