How Car CCTV Cameras Can Deter Theft and Vandalism?

Car theft and vandalism are serious problems that affect many car owners. Reports reveal an estimated 100,000 cars are stolen in India each year. As the economy progresses and the demand for cheap stolen cars rises, these numbers will likely increase.

If you own a car, car dash cams are one of the best ways to protect it from theft and vandalism. They record video continuously and transmit video footage to a storage device. CCTV cameras are mounted on the windshield to ensure a proper field of view of the vehicle. 

Dash cams deter theft and vandalism in the following ways.

GPS Tracking

GPS is a powerful tool in preventing car theft. A dash cam is integrated with a GPS tracker, which monitors and tracks the position and speed of a vehicle in real time. Advanced dashcams like the CarCam 2 offer geo-fencing features, allowing users to set virtual car boundaries. When the vehicle passes the designated area, the owner receives an alert, which can help prevent unauthorized use.

Recording in Parked Mode

Most of the car theft in India occurs when it is parked. More distressing is the hit-and-run vandalism that has become common in parking lots. Car CCTV cameras continue recording even when the car is parked. They are powered by a long-lasting battery, enabling the vehicle to record incidents even when the engine is off. 

In advanced brands, events trigger the camera in the following ways.

  • Impact detection mode. The camera uses sensors to detect collision or impact on the car and send a notification to your mobile app. 
  • Motion detection mode. When the camera detects any movement within its range of view, it starts recording.

Continuous Recording 

Car theft is a persistent problem in all settings, including parking lots, residential areas and public spaces. Continuous recording is one of the most essential measures of advanced Kent CamEye dash cams. The camera continuously captures video footage of the cars surrounding. They are fitted with a high-quality lithium-ion battery which powers the camera for 8 hours when the engine is off. The recorded footage is then stored in cloud storage, accessible remotely via the Internet.

Night Vision

Most of the theft activities happen in the darkness. Dash cam’s night vision capabilities capture clear footage even in low light. They utilize infrared LED technology and low-light sensors to enhance visibility during the night. This technology ensures that the camera captures all activity at night with exceptional clarity. The footage is crucial in apprehending perpetrators and acts as evidence in an investigation.

Remote Access and Alerts

Car CCTV cameras use internet connectivity and cloud storage technology. This feature enables car owners to remotely access the dashcam’s live video feeds and receive instant alerts on their mobile apps. When the dash cam detects any movements or impacts on the car, they send a real-time notification to the app for more action. For better efficiency, the notification is a 12-sec video snippet of what is happening. This is important because it lets you respond immediately to malicious activity. 

Multi-User Access 

Preventing car theft and vandalism by solely relying on your attention is not always practical. You might be tied down by a busy schedule or in a place where you cannot actively monitor the car. Multi-user access, a unique feature in digital dashcams, ensures that you can give permission for device access to a third party. The features allow authorized individuals to access and monitor dashcams in real-time remotely. This empowers a network of guardians to respond promptly in case of suspicious activity when you are not around.

By installing a dash cam, you protect against vandalism and theft. They have many features which make it hard for any activity to happen to your car when you are not present. So, take the lead and invest in reliable equipment that will safeguard your vehicle.

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