Provigil (modafinil)

What is Provigil?

Provigil (modafinil) is a prescription drug. It is most commonly utilized to treat insomnia caused by narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea and shift work.

Provigil is part of a class of stimulants, also known as medications. It is available in 100-mg tablets for oral use and 200 mg.

Research has shown that Provigil improves the capacity to remain awake when compared with an alternative in patients suffering from sleep apnea or narcolepsy or sleep apnea that causes shift work. Provigil is often regarded as the first treatment option to reduce insomnia in those suffering from these disorders.

Are Provigil controlled substances?

It is true that Provigil is considered a controlled drug. It’s classified as a Schedule IV drug. This means that it has a medically accepted use, however it could also trigger psychological or physical dependence, and abuse.

The government has formulated special regulations for the way schedule IV medications are ordered by a doctor and administered by pharmacists. Your pharmacist or doctor can give you more details.

Provigil generic

Provigil is sold in a generic version known as buying modafinil online.

Generic medicines are usually cheaper than the brand-name version. In certain cases, both the brand-name drug as well as generic versions may be offered in various types and strengths.

Provigil side effects

Provigil may cause minor or severe adverse reactions. This list includes a few of the most important negative side effects that could occur when taking Provigil. This list doesn’t include every possible side effect.

For more information about the potential side consequences of Provigil and strategies to handle a threatening side effect, consult your physician or pharmacist.

More common side effects

The most frequent adverse negative effects of Provigil may be:



feeling of nervousness


difficulty sleep

Loss of appetite

dry mouth


nose that is runny


upset stomach

Back discomfort

chest pain

There are some who may have less frequent adverse effects, like:

rapid heartbeat




The tremor


Serious side effects

The serious side effects of Provigil aren’t very common but they do happen. Make sure to consult your physician right away when you experience severe adverse effects. If your symptoms are life-threatening or you suspect you’re experiencing medical emergency. Severe side effects and symptoms could include:

A severe itching

In rare instances Provigil may trigger a severe rash in the first few weeks after using it. It can be accompanied by vomiting and fever. It can cause problems with the lungs, liver and kidneys as well as the heart.

If you experience an allergic reaction when you take Provigil consult your physician immediately. If the rash can be traced to Provigil then you’ll probably have discontinue taking the medication.

Severe allergic reaction

Very rarely, patients taking Provigil could experience reactions to the medication. The symptoms could include:

Hives or severe rash

Trouble breathing or difficulty swallowing

The swelling of your tongue, lips or your facial

rapid heartbeat

Heart effects

These symptoms tend to occur for those with an existing heart problem as well as high blood pressure however, they can also occur in those who do not have heart problems. These symptoms could include:

chest pain

Heart palpitations (pounding heartbeat)

Trouble breathing

high blood pressure that requires treatment with medication

If you are experiencing any of these reactions Talk to your doctor immediately. Your doctor might need to examine your heart for any conditions or keep track of your blood pressure and heart rate.

Effects of mental health

Certain people who take Provigil might experience mood- or mental health-related side effects like:



sensations of anxiety



In certain cases the side effects may turn into extreme. While it is not common, a few people have experienced contemplations of suicide signs that are psychotic (such as hallucinations, delusions) or mania, as well as aggression. These symptoms tend to occur in those who have suffered from mental health issues in the past.

Suicide prevention

If you are aware of someone who is who is at risk of self-harming, suicide or harming someone else:

You can ask the hard question: “Are you considering suicide?”

Pay attention to the person, without judgement.

Contact 911 or the emergency number or text TALK the number 741741 for a conversation with an expert crisis counselor.

Keep the person in your presence until you receive help from an expert.

Make sure to get rid of any medication, weapons or other potentially dangerous objects that could be harmful.

You or anyone you are aware of is experiencing thought of suicide, the hotline is a great resource. Its 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is available all hours of the day, every day by dialing 988. In times of crisis, those who have difficulty hearing are able to call their preferred relay or dial 711 followed by 988.

Click here to find more information and links to local resources.

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Long-term side effects

When you take Provigil over a long period of time may increase the chance of developing physical and psychological dependence. This side effect isn’t very common and is more likely when the medication is administered in high dosages, or when it is taken in excess or misused.

Provigil abuse isn’t common. It is more likely to happen among those who have a history of alcohol abuse or addiction to drugs.

A majority of patients don’t experience withdrawal symptoms after stopping the treatment using Provigil.

Safety warning for drivers

If you plan to drive when taking Provigil make sure you are aware of how the drug is likely to affect your body. If you feel dizzy and confused or tired after taking the drug avoid driving or using unsafe equipment.

While Provigil can help reduce sleepiness in those with narcolepsy and other disorders, it isn’t able to give you the full range of awakeness. Furthermore, Provigil could cause some side effects, like confusion or dizziness, which could hinder your ability to drive.

Provigil is used in

The Food and Drug buy modafinil online (FDA) is the agency that approves medicines like Provigil to treat specific conditions. In addition to these purposes, Provigil is sometimes used to treat conditions that aren’t yet approved from the FDA.

Provigil is approved for use in the following ways: Provigil

Provigil is approved by the FDA to improve the quality of sleep during the day caused by below medical ailments:


Obstructive sleep apnea with obstructive sleep

shift work sleep disorder

The use of which is not approved

Provigil may be prescribed off-label in situations which are not FDA-approved. Off-label means that the drug is approved for a specific use however it is utilized for a different purpose. In other situations Provigil could be used for reasons that aren’t authorized.

Provigil for ADHD

Provigil is used off-label to treat attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It’s however not an initial choice medication to treat this issue.

However, some research


Provigil has been shown to help with symptoms of ADHD however other studies have shown that it has no effect. Provigil is currently not suggested to The American Academy of Pediatrics

to treat ADHD.

Provigil for depression

Provigil can be prescribed off-label to treat depression in patients for whom antidepressants alone do not fully cure their problem. It is recommended to take Provigil in conjunction with antidepressants has been proven to be effective.

to reduce signs of fatigue, as well as tiredness in people suffering from depression. It can help ease fatigue and excessive tiredness in people who suffer from depression.

Provigil for MS

Provigil can be prescribed off-label for treating symptoms of fatigue that are caused by diseases like MS. (MS). A study of clinical trials revealed that Provigil can help improve the fatigue symptoms in patients who suffer from MS.

Provigil for anxiety

Provigil isn’t usually used off-label to treat anxiety. Some people claim that Provigil helps them focus and calm in stressful or social situations. Due to this, Provigil can be misused in treatment of performance or social anxiety.

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