Two Pieces, One Stunning Package: Two Piece Box Packaging

With the many packaging solutions available, you may be overwhelmed and not know which one to choose for what you are selling. If this is the case, you should keep your product’s features in mind looking at which box will be able to support it and advertise it well. If you sell high-end products and want packaging that opens elegantly, you can consider two piece boxes. These boxes are excellent for luxury items, sweet assortments, product kits that have multiple items, etc. The packaging includes a tray along with a lid. Both of these components are able to have a double-wall structure allowing the box to be sturdy and durable.

If you want to know more about a two piece box, continue reading on:

Strong box

This packaging must be strong to enable your product to remain safe in it. When you choose sturdy packaging material to make it from like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft, you can end up with strong packaging which will give customers a good image of your company.

As these boxes are often employed for packaging luxury items, they need to be strong so that the expensive product does not get damaged. The above packaging materials can give you something strong.

Another benefit of these packaging materials is that you will be able to customize the box. You can then allow two piece cardboard boxes to be a unique size and shape suitable for your merchandise.

Promote your brand

The boxes can attract due to them having an elegant and unique look. Use them to promote your brand further by adding details about it on the box.

It is essential to include a brand logo on the packaging so as to help people know about your company as the one selling what is in the box. The logo should be one that your customers will be able to easily recognize and which can give your company a professional look.

Color scheme

Designing the packaging is important if you want it to stand out and make people regard your company as one to purchase from. Colors are important when wanting to create packaging which is aesthetically pleasing.

You can select which colors to add by considering color theory and getting to know what colors signify. It is a good idea to choose those which have a certain meaning allowing people to easily know what your brand believes in. For example if your company wants to give the image of expense with the help of color, you can choose colors like black, gold, purple, that will give this impression.

If you want to show your customers that your brand is pure and elegant, white packaging stands out. Those companies wishing to promote themselves as caring for the environment can include the color green on the box.

Design to suit likes of target audience

Your brand can benefit when the packaging design of two piece boxes wholesale stands out to your potential target audience. This is because you will be marketing the product to them by making them notice it when it is with the competition.

If you want to design packaging like this, you will need to find out what your customer base wants from the packaging design. For example high-class packaging can have a minimalistic design which keeps the packaging simple and does not confuse customers. This packaging design is trending and it can make a box stand out in front of the ones that are crowded with many details on them.

Finishing options

Design this packaging so that it looks amazing by including finishing options on it which will be best for what your product is. You can find a variety of finishing options but you must choose the one which will allow people to know more about your company.

For example gold or silver foiling can be used by luxurious brands to enhance the impression of luxury. You can consider embossing/debossing, spot UV, etc. Spot UV can create impactful packaging to help differentiate a brand from the others in the market. It can increase the perceived quality of the products in the box. The technique can be employed to enhance main elements of the packaging like the logo for instance.

Custom two piece boxes are a great packaging solution if you are looking for packaging that is strong and which will show customers that your company is creating good-quality products. The packaging looks good due to the way it is made. You can design it to make it stand out more by including your company logo on it and selecting the correct colors to include on it which will have some meaning and significance. The boxes should be sturdy as well therefore choose strong packaging material to make them from which can handle the pressures that products face before a customer buys them.

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