Why IELTS Exam is so Popular? 

Well, English is a language that has entered almost every sphere of human life whether it is professional or educational. This is the reality. You can’t deny the importance that the English language holds in today’s scenario. The language is compulsory for the pilots as well as the other professionals. The language is also compulsory for students who are willing to study abroad. You can’t study English-speaking skills if you fail to demonstrate valid proof of your English language proficiency. To do so, you have to appear for a valid English proficiency assessment test such as the IELTS exam. 

For sure, there are a few other popular English proficiency tests as well such as PTE, TOEFL, etc. But we have taken the IELTS exam before all that. This is because the IELTS exam has a few features that make it achieve the topmost rank among the variable English proficiency tests. The IELTS exam has acquired the first rank among the most popular English proficiency tests due to some reasons that we will discuss in the article. 

Well, there is no denying the fact that we come to learn about the IELTS exam since the fifth or sixth standard due to its importance in studying abroad. For people, it could be a normal test but for those who stay crazy about studying abroad, it is a way to live their lives of dreams. They invest huge efforts, time, and money in achieving an incredible IELTS band score as they know very well that their scores on the test are going to help them get PR in the country. 

They prefer the IELTS exam, especially when they are willing to settle there after the completion of their course. There are so many reasons behind them choosing the IELTS exam to receive valid proof of their English proficiency. Well, TOEFL and PTE also have a few features that make them dominate the market of English proficiency tests as well. However, the article will try to focus on the importance of the IELTS exam importance and its benefits. 

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The reasons that make the IELTS exam popular:

Take a look at the following pointers to know the exact reasons that make the IELTS exam so popular.

Long presence in the market 

Let us tell you that the IELTS exam has a very long presence in the market which makes it enjoy the privilege of having a long years of presence in the market that eventually impacts its recognition in a positive way. There has been a time when the exam has dominated the market as the best authentic English proficiency test. That surely has a positive impact in making it the first choice of the candidates. 

The format 

It is often believed that the IELTS exam has a format that helps the examiner assess the English proficiency of the candidates to an extensive level. The format of the IELTS exam is quite special and is prepared by the examiners to have a thorough understanding of the level that the test takers have in the English language. 

The strong recognition

The test has a very strong recognition and has been recognized by many institutes and organizations abroad as well as in India. The approval by so many organizations abroad gives it the privilege of one of the most recognized English proficiency tests. 

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The article has illustrated the exact reasons why the IELTS exam is so popular. For sure, the IELTS exam has brilliant competitors such as the PTE exam, TOEFL, etc. However, the IELTS test has become the first choice of candidates interested in assessing their English proficiency. 

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